Price list and service fees.
Prices for Golf Clubs do not include Component Prices.

Karma Jumbo Arthritic Grips
   $5.00 per club Installed

Karma Jumbo Velvet Crossline
   $3.00 per Club Installed

Karma Velvet Crossline Midsize
   $2.75 per club installed

Karma Black Velvet Midsize
   $2.50 per club installed

Karma ultra Tacky Standard
   $5.00 per club installed

Karma Black Velvet/Crossline Standard
   $2.50 per club installed

Karma V Cord
   $5.00 per club installed


Full Cord Karma Grips Standard
   $5.00 per club installed




Karma Super light Standard and Mid size Dual Textured
   $4.50 per club installed



Putter Grips Now available
   $3.00 Standard $5.00

All Prices include the Installation Fees.
Loft and Lie
  $3.50 per club (pre owned clubs)

   $1.50 per club .25 Extra Wraps (Customer Supplied, or See Price list).

Head Removal:
   $3.50 per club (Bore Through same price)

Single club reshafts only:
   $15.00 per club (Woods, Irons, Hybrids, or Putters)Single Clubs Not Iron sets.

Belly Putter Assembly
   $15.00 per club

Complete Custom Iron assembly:
   $55.00 per set (up to 9 Irons)

   $4.75 per club

Shorten shaft
   $3.00 per club

Pro Soft Inserts Turn any Steel shaft into a Sensicore shaft with Pro Soft Inserts.
   $2.00 per club

   $6.00 to $10.00 per club (Price depends on Condition)

Driver Face Shaving
   $45.00 per wood,

Frequency Matching available    
$10.00 individual Shaft,
$45.00 full set of Irons up to 9 shafts

When Go'N Golf'N builds you a custom set of Irons.
Loft and Lie is only $2.50 per club for the life of the clubs.

Personalized Golf Towel Embroidery Call for Prices. Basic Hip Towel, $15.00 each
We can do Golf Bags as long as you can detach the area you wish to have Embroidered.

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